Review Excerpts

Steve Halle for Poets and Artists:

“[…] Martinez Pompa’s book is divided into four sections of poems with congruent themes: masculinity, Chicago, the experience of being a Mexican-American poet, and the exploitative politics of late capitalism. At the core of Martinez Pompa’s, My Kill Adore Him, however, is a hard-to-pinpoint poetic trait that undergirds all the above topics: ferocity. It is by way of this ferociousness that Martinez Pompa attempts to speak what other poets cannot or will not.” Read full review.


Barbara Jane Reyes for the Poetry Foundation:

“Chicago poet Paul Martínez Pompa kind of frightens me. [] My Kill Adore Him is an exciting and tough collection of very well-composed and accessible poems. It’s been a while since I tore through a book of poetry and really enjoyed the read, for all of its Hell yeah! and WTF and Oh no he didn’t! moments. Pretty dope.”  Read full review.


Micah Ling for SUSS, another literary journal:

“These poems are care­ful and tight. Martinez Pompa gives entire worlds in 16 lines or less. He gets in and out just that fast. He makes you feel chest-heavy sad­ness, nos­tal­gia, arousal, and fear. He takes your hand and shows you char­ac­ters: some you know and some you don’t want to know; some are you. These poems are beau­ti­ful and rak­ing all at once. […] But these poems are rebel­lious and sar­cas­tic, too. They’re funny the way John Stewart is funny: because you know he’s right.” Read full review.


CJ Laity for

“[…] This poet does not dick around. Don’t be surprised when he confesses some dark secret with the subtlety of describing what he ate for breakfast; and don’t be surprised when you have to admit to yourself that, perhaps, you have that secret too. […] While reading My Kill Adore Him it is wise to be alert and be on guard because the author’s wit is as quick as a bullet.” Read full review.

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